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Established in 2011, T- Pave International Pte Ltd. was set up by a group of professional experts with more than 20 years’ experience in road industry. We provide customers a “Total solution” which integrates chemical trading, equipment distribution and technical consulting all under one roof. The company is headquartered in the Garden City Singapore and office is located in Suntec City of CBD area.
Our mission: Delivering the right technology to service the road maintenance industry

With road industry fast developing today, maintenance application has become more and more important especially with the increasing demand of green technology. The durability of a road mainly depends on the raw materials, weather condition, traffic condition and above all, the frequency and quality of the maintenance process. With the assurance of maintenance quality and the use of proper technology, the efficiency and durability of the road will be greatly enhanced and be much more environmental friendly compared to re-building the new road. We, T-Pave International will regard it as our mission to deliver the right maintenance technology to our customer and accelerate the road industry development.

Bitumen emulsion briefing

As we all know that the bitumen road pavement consists of bitumen and aggregate at a proper ratio. In order to mix bitumen with aggregate, we need to liquify bitumen by any of the three methods listed below:

  1. Heat the bitumen up to a high temperature so as to get a “Hot mix”.
  2. Dilute the bitumen with solvents to form a “Cutback”
  3. With aid from emulsifiers, acid and other additives, mix the bitumen with water to form a bitumen emulsion. Perform the emulsification process with a colloid mill.

Unlike “Hot Mix” or “Cutback”, the bitumen emulsion technology relies on the breaking and setting property of the micro-size-bitumen particle surrounded by surfactant chemicals which allows the application to apply with cold and wet aggregate surface which will significantly increase the efficiency of the maintenance process with great convenience of handling and logistic arrangement of the raw material on site.

Compared to the high temperature of the “Hot mix” and solvent emission of the “cutback”, emulsion technology provides the safest and environmental friendly system which is why emulsion technology is always regarded as the prime technology of the maintenance application.

The key factor of producing bitumen emulsion to suit for certain application is choosing the right surfactant (bitumen emulsifier). Unfortunately, unlike commodity chemicals, selecting the right bitumen emulsifier is much more complicated than choosing a bottle of detergent or shampoo. The criteria is to choose the emulsifier with proper compatibility with the local raw materials, weather conditions, the equipments used and also the condition of the original road pavement, which requires different solutions with different chemicals. Due to its quite challenging process, there is a saying in this industry, “There is no good or bad emulsifier, but the suitability of it counts.” This is one of the reasons why the development of surfactants in bitumen application is fairly slow.

T-pave chemical

There are many companies who can provide quality surfactant, however few of them are equipped with the application knowledge and the ability of approach to suit the local materials and requirements. Specialty and Performance business works with the philosophy of being a solution provider rather than only a chemical seller. This makes our T-Pave International exceptional in this field.

T-Pave International is able to provide our customer a whole package of “total solution” based on the requirements and expectations of each individual region worldwide. Our selections of the chemical will not only come up with the analysis of local aggregate, bitumen, cement, additive, water and additives to suit the local needs but also provide lab analysis for the formulation of the chemicals and also on-site technical support. Our team has over twenty years of hands on experience and industry background. The R&D centre is able to provide our customer with tailor-made bitumen emulsifier to best suit the local conditions. Our application team will able to formulate the Mix Design in the lab with the raw materials provided by our customers.

T-pave equipment

If the surfactant is the fundamental of the success in formulating the bitumen emulsion, the machinery and equipments needed leads to its technical success. To be able to produce good quality bitumen emulsion, we must have a well equipped emulsion plant.

The Bitumen particles of the emulsion closely relates with its physical properties such as viscosity, storage stability, sieve residue, etc. Besides that, particle size also affects the performance property especially during the emulsion breaking and setting process. The colloid mill is the key component of the emulsion plant. The size and speed of the mill, design of the mill teeth and gap between the rotor and stator determines the quality of the emulsion. While, the dosing, pumping and piping system and also the pressure and temperature control system contributes to the plant's quality consistency and its product stability.

T-Pave International had signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Denimotech, one of the top bitumen emulsion plant suppliers in the world. We will be the exclusive agent of bitumen emulsion plant in Southeast Asia on behalf of Denimotech. As a global leader in this field, DenimoTech's equipment sets the standard for precision and quality in the industry and available for both bitumen emulsion plant and Polymer Modified Bitumen plant. T-Pave International will also provide application support to Denimotech global wide.

T-Pave technical service

For a business in this industry to stand out from its competitors and be successful, it needs to be able to help its customers solve their problems and provide top quality technical service. How to make Prime coat have more penetration? How to make Tack coat have more adhesive? How to make micro-surfacing mix with enough mix time and quick traffic time? How to make Chip Seal have strong aggregate retention? How to make Cold recycling mix with enough workability but good cohesion built-up? This is exactly what our T-Pave International will be able to provide - our exceptional technical service. This is “Total solution” we meant all about. From raw material selection to formulation optimization, from equipment commissioning to emulsion production, from lab testing until on-site operations, we got it all covered!

Here is our service flow:

  • During the first consultation with our customer, we will be able to provide a detailed analysis based on their local conditions and requirements and raw materials such as aggregate, bitumen, cement, water, pH, etc. We will also discuss with our customer about the feasibility before finalizing the schedule of the project.
  • We will produce numbers of lab scale emulsions to determine the suitable formulation and will conduct the mix design based on the finalized raw materials provided by customer in order to work out the best application solution.
  • To ensure proper operation of the bitumen emulsion production, we will be observing the entire bitumen emulsion production process with our customers.
  • We will carry out on-site service to conduct prompt troubleshooting. Meanwhile gather feedback for further improvement of our products and services.
We will also perform follow up visits on a regular basis so as to evaluate the road’s durability and to get ready for the future upgrade plan.

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