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For a business in this industry to stand out from its competitors and be successful, it needs to be able to help its customers solve their problems and provide top quality technical service. How to make Prime coat have more penetration? How to make Tack coat have more adhesive? How to make micro-surfacing mix with enough mix time and quick traffic time? How to make Chip Seal have strong aggregate retention? How to make Cold recycling mix with enough workability but good cohesion built-up? This is exactly what our T-Pave International will be able to provide - our exceptional technical service. This is “Total solution” we meant all about. From raw material selection to formulation optimization, from equipment commissioning to emulsion production, from lab testing until on-site operations, we got it all covered!

Here is our service flow:

  • During the first consultation with our customer, we will be able to provide a detailed analysis based on their local conditions and requirements and raw materials such as aggregate, bitumen, cement, water, pH, etc. We will also discuss with our customer about the feasibility before finalizing the schedule of the project.
  • We will produce numbers of lab scale emulsions to determine the suitable formulation and will conduct the mix design based on the finalized raw materials provided by customer in order to work out the best application solution.
  • To ensure proper operation of the bitumen emulsion production, we will be observing the entire bitumen emulsion production process with our customers.
  • We will carry out on-site service to conduct prompt troubleshooting. Meanwhile gather feedback for further improvement of our products and services.
We will also perform follow up visits on a regular basis so as to evaluate the road’s durability and to get ready for the future upgrade plan.

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