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T-pave is committed to bringing clients the best solutions in the road maintenance industry.  One of the key factors in producing high quality bitumen emulsion and durable polymer modified bitumen comes from utilizing precision built equipment to produce them.   The higher the quality of the bitumen emulsion plants, and the colloid mills at the center of production, the more stable, consistent and long lasting the emulsions and PMBs will be. 

That is why T-Pave International has developed a strategic agent relationship with DenimoTech A/S of Denmark.   A global manufacturer of plants and mills for over 30 years, DenimoTech has long been known for producing equipment from the highest grade alloy materials, with precision controls and monitoring systems.

DenimoTech deploys a variety of bitumen emulsion plants for every road construction need. Those are either batch or inline; automatic, semi-automatic or manual. Additionally, all DenimoTech plants can be made fixed or mobile.  DenimoTech also manufactures turnkey plants for the production of Polymer Modified Bitumen and Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen (PMB/CRMB).

T-pave International is committed to bringing clients not only the best quality equipment, but also the most environmentally friendly equipment for doing the job.  This is just another reason that we supply DenimoTech “Zero Waste” plants, which eliminate all pre-production waste, and lower energy costs.

With T-pave International on your side, your equipment will arrive “plug and play”, fully assembled and tested, ready to go to work.


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